Sunday, May 20, 2007

Pet Food Recall

It amazes me, but many of my friends have not heard about the massive and multiple pet food recalls. (Why hasn't there been more reported about this in the press? One wonders...) Amigos, here's the info:

The first place to get info is at Menu Foods. This is the manufacturer of the problem foods. (It's quite shocking to see how many brands are manufactured in the same places--- this in itself is a major scandal.) This webpage includes all the press releases with the official recall lists and links to official sources of information.

ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center This has links to
*Pet Food Recall List Update as of 4/27
*Pet Food Recall Frequently Asked Questions
*Press Release on the Emergency

* What's Really in Commercial Dog Food?
* What to Feed Your Dog--- Madam Mayo's blog post.
More anon.