Thursday, June 21, 2007

Book Art Surfari

The other day, when I was at the Writers Center to give my Literary Travel Writing Workshop, I happened upon a tiny, brown, hand-stamped and altogether peculiar-looking package that turned out to be an art book by Sally Canzoneri. The title: Repurposed Law. She'd taken her law books, colored them and turned them into book-like origami--- the point being, as she writes in the insert, "About This Book," to "reshape my old law books, just as the Bush administration has reshaped our law to suit its purposes. My law books can have a new purpose now: commenting on what the Bush administration has done to our nation's greatest treasure--- our legal system." Apropos of art books, I went on a little Internet surfari and found quite a few delve-worthy websites. Here's a good place to start your own book art surfari:
Pyramid Atlantic: Contemporary Prints, Paper, and Book Arts.