Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Necklace for Every Pug, Woman, and Child

This photo is of the beautiful black Yogi, of Pug Snuggly by Yogi. Picadou loves-loves-loves her Pug Snugglies by Yogi--- these are soft-soft-soft coats specially shaped for a pug's cobby body. Picadou has two, one in black with a pink lining, and one in red with the black-and-bone collar.

Well, pugs are so cute it may be hard to believe: there are many, many pugs in need of rescue. (Read more at Yogi and Jett write:

Help us help those in need by purchasing one of our "Have a Heart" necklaces for only $25. Yogi will donate $15 of the sale to the Pug Rescue of your choice. This wonderful necklace was designed to be worn by every Pug, woman and child.

Sounds like a grand idea to us!!! More anon.