Thursday, June 14, 2007

Solutions Abroad

Solutions Abroad, an information-packed website intended to help build community among expats in Mexico, features Yours Truly as Expat of the Month. Glad to have the chance to plug Miraculous Air and the collection of Mexican fiction and literary prose, Mexico: A Traveler's Literary Companion. I've been surprised how many people who come to my book signings tell me they are thinking of moving to Mexico. Here's a previous post about that phenomenon. And about that wall. Now that this Solutions Abroad profile is on-line, I've been getting scads of e-mail from people who want advice about how to get a job in Mexico. Here's what I'm telling them: Check Craig's List. And know that, in order to be legally paid, you need to have your documents in order. Um, Mexico does have a tax authority. And last I checked, pesos weren't sprouting off the trees. Seriously, if you're thinking of living or working in Mexico, check out Solutions Abroad's many useful links. More anon.