Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Guest-Blogger Nancy Levine (with Wilson): Five Favorite Pug Sites

Pugs, pugs, pugs, pugs--- and more pugs! Madam Mayo loves pugs! Indeed, Madam Mayo owns a pug--- or, rather, Madam Mayo is owned by a pug. (Picadou, the tiny, shiny, inky, minky princess.) We, and that's the royal "we," are big fans of Nancy Levine's Wilson the Pug series. Apropos of Nancy's latest, The Ugly Pugling, Wilson the Pug in Love, we have invited her to guest-blog here with her five favorite pug sites. Here goes:

#1: Rainbow Pugs
Love the cool, stylized art of Michael Hamlin.

#2: Pug Savers
My hometown pug rescue; Roxane Fritz who runs it is amazing, as are all the folks doing pug rescue around the country. It is truly noble work.

#3: Who Stole My Monkey
The first true social networking site for pug people. It's brand new, but great functionality. Like MySpace for pug people.

#4: Pug Village
I check the forum whenever I need to know anything pug.

#5. Lenny the Pug
Lenny is tireless in doing great work to help pugs and abandoned animals in New York City.

--- Nancy Levine

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