Monday, October 15, 2007

MiPOesias Women of the Web

Didi Menendez (pictured left), founder of MiPOesias, interviews Yours Truly about Tameme on Women of the Web. I'm right after Amanda Johnston, founding editor of Torch. Be sure to check out the many other interviews. They all end with the same command: Leave us with a recipe for poetry. One of my favorites is from Jean Emerson of Jacaranda Press. She writes, "Stanley Kunitz once said that poetry happens where the past meets the present. The best recipe for poetry I know of is: take one pen and one piece of paper. Find a pretty place to sit, and look around. See what you remember let the words have their way." Here's my recipe: "Keep your pen on the paper. When you are finished, lift your pen. If you are not finished, remember: keep your pen on the paper." Tip o' the hat to you, Lyn.