Friday, October 26, 2007

"Helmut's" Phronesisaical, aka The Phron

Yes, there are 700 ba-ga-lula-ga-jillion blogs out there, and yeah, who has the time, but what it's all about is carving out your very own information landscape. What's in mine? One blog I often read is Phronesisaical, founded by my amigo, a Washington DC professor of philosophy, torture (philosophy of, that is) expert, and exotic fruit aficionado (hey, it's blogging, you can do whatever floats your parachute). Why do I read the Phron? Because I always learn something. In particular, I've learned a lot about the blogosphere just from the links he offers. For example, just from Tuesday, here are three excellent posts:
---> Being an Iraqi Refugee in Syria. News is that Riverbend, the widely followed English language blog of an Iraqi, is back on-line. Check the archives on this one.
--->Another Mistrial of the War on Terror Hemlut does some philosophizing...(As Madam Mayo likes to ask, who, really, are the terrorists?)
--->The Jungle Helmut offers a beautiful and original essay about growing up in Taiwan.

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