Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Round 2: Madam Mayo's Tip o' the Turban to a Few More (Fiction) Writers's Blogs

Apropos of the upcoming panel on writers's blogs for the Washington Independent Writers Conference All-Day Fiction Seminar in Washington DC February 9th, the other day I posted my top 10 writers's blogs--- not necessarily by fiction writers, and not necessarily my personal favorites, but, in my view, outstanding representatives of the genre. Herewith another batch of notable writers's blogs--- all very different from one another.

Maud Newton
News, opinion, a charming miscellanea--- hers is one of the longest-standing and most respected lit-blogs.

Jane Smiley (on the Huffington Post)
One of our finest novelists. Her blogging, however, is focused on politics.

Tod Goldberg
Out of Southern California: snappy, snippy & zippy. (For those who don't mind incessant use of "fucktard.")

Tayari Jones
Novelist and writing teacher based in Washington DC.

M.J. Rose's Buzz, Balls & Hype
She's the author of some steamy best-sellers; the blog supports her "AuthorBuzz" advertising business.

C. Monks's Utter Wonder
Quirky, elegant design.

More anon.

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