Thursday, February 07, 2008

Tamara Kaye Sellman on Why Writers Should Blog

At the Tameme table at last week's AWP bookfair in New York City (that's Yours Truly, left), Tamara Kaye Sellman (right) came by with her Kindle, the newest digital text reader-e-gizmo (aka "wireless reading device") which has a suprisingly light heft and bright screen. We had long a chat about blogs--- writers's blogs in particular, as, well, we're both writers and we both blog, but also apropos of the Washington Independent Writers conference this Saturday, where I'll be chairing the panel on writers's blogs. Just posted on Sellman's blog, Writer's Rainbow, Why Writers Should Blog:
"...Blogs make perfect calling cards for writers, first of all. If you're a writer, then you should have things to say, and you should have a way to structure the things that you have to say, and you should want others to read these things that you have to say. Otherwise, why are you a writer? But how to go about it, you ask? ..." READ MORE

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