Monday, February 18, 2008

Nicky Enright (D.J. Lightbolt) and Obama '08

I met Nicky Enright a few years ago at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, where I was working on my novel and he was working on his "big hands" series--- we were all amazed as he covered an entire wall in the studios in the back barn. So he sends me this link to a "Lightbolt" video he made for Obama. It's fun--- I think it gives the spirit of the campaign. Whoever wins, when the history of this presidential campaign is written, a key part of it will be the participatory nature of Obama's campaign. This isn't a slick, expensive TV commercial; it's fun, upbeat, and it cost the campaign nothing. Nicky made it on his own. It's on his website, on youtube, and I'm sure I'm not the only one posting it on a blog. The same story will be told about the financing of the campaign. Obama isn't building a war chest out of PAC money and intimate little $5,000 a head dinner parties in Georgetown. For an idea of how Obama is bringing in money, and by the trailer-load, check out my friend J's Personal Fundraising for Obama website--- which is but one of thousands and thousands. The official Obama website is incredibly user friendly--- constructed for lickety-split navigation, to not only impart information, but to capture your e-mail and your donation and, above all, your participation. The same cannot be said for most of the other candidates's websites. Interesting, no? And in Mexico, too, whoever figures out this new game will do very well... More anon.
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