Thursday, July 10, 2008

Yes, Virginia, The Black Square is Actually Insured for a Wheelbarrow o' Bucks

Finally had the chance to read Sophy Burnham's audacious and deliciously literary work of art world sociology, The Art Crowd. Interestingly, this was published over 30 years ago and, though a New York Times best-seller, did not come out in paperback until recently, via the Authors Guild's back-in-print program. (Well, if the publishing "business" is crazy, moreso the art business.) Click here to read my post about Burnham's other back-in-print book, The Landed Gentry.

P.S. Watch her YouTube video: Advice to Writers.

P.S.S. And about that black square? I have in mind the one by Kazimir Malevich. That was back when. Now it's Jeff Koons & co. Evil ha ha.