Thursday, July 24, 2008

For $2, "Pug Discovers Crop Circle in Carpet"

I'm feeling especially limber today because I just took the Writers Center's "Yoga & Writing Workshop" with "Rock and Roll Mama" Lindsay Reed Maines. So what to do with all the pretzel energy? (And still procrastinate about just about everything?) I channeled a $2 dose of it (via PayPal) to on-line artist Yirmumah who claims he will draw anything (not you-know-what-rated, however) for $2. Among his on-line $2 works:
--->Godzilla on a Segway and
--->50 Foot Tiki vs City of the Undead.
My request? "Pug Discovers Crop Circle in Carpet." Come on, it was only $2.
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