Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Guest-Blogger Nani Power on 5 Interesting Facts About the Monarch Butterflies

This month is the pub date for the multi-talented writer Nani Power's latest, Feed the Hungry, a memoir with recipes, centered around a life of travel, eclectic dining, and her decidedly eccentric Southern bohemian family. It also includes a chapter on Mexico’s state of Michoacan, where her family went to see the annual Monarch Butterfly migration, and apropos of that.... over to you, Nani!
1) Between October and March, one hundred million monarch Butterflies migrate to Michoacan state in Mexico, specifically a town called Angangueo, which is a four hour drive west of Mexico City. There is only one hotel in town, so call ahead!

2) The Monarch Butterfly is that majestic orange and black creature you see flitting about in your garden. They love to eat Milkweed, which contains a resin which not only colors the wings orange but makes these butterflies poisonous to birds.

3) Be sure you don’t touch a Monarch in Pacific Grove, one of their stopping points along the way, or you will pay a five hundred dollar fine.

4) Monarch Butterflies are available on the internet for release at Weddings and other functions.

5) The flashy Monarch has been called the “Elvis” of the insect world. Thank ya, thank ya very much.

---Nani Power

P.S. Nani also gives writing and cooking workshops in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico--- and she has one coming up this November.

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