Monday, March 22, 2010

Blogs Noted: Julie Zickefoose, Nicholas D. Kristof, Mark Monlux, Alan Weber, Steven Hart, Numero Cinq, Lewis Lapham, Gayle Brennan Spencer

Several blog posts for writers are in line: one on my notes from the Writer's Center's Leesburg First Friday lecture about "Staying Focused: Writing and Researching the Longer Book Project," also a note about the fabulous panel at the recent Virginia Book Festival in Charlottesville and-- more!-- the jaw-dropping "Writing the Future" conference at the Writer's Center with Lee Gutkind and company. That one, truly, changed the paradigm for me and I'll be blogging about that soon. But I'm on deadline (past deadline, actually) to turn in some translations, so today's post is brief.

Julie Zickefoose
Artist, writer, Boston Terrier and Macaw person

On the Ground
Nicholas D. Kristof writing for the New York Times

Now Smell This
A perfume person. I'm interested to learn more about scent-oriented blogs.... anyone?

Mark Monlux's Poohabspiel
(Don't you love that blog title?)

Alan Webber Rules of Thumb

The Path of the Bookseller
By Joseph Zitt. We had an amusing exchange over at Steven Hart's blog recently.

Steven Hart
Author of The Last Three Miles and newbie bookseller (go, go, go!!)

Numero Cinq
Aphorisms wanted! Wit and arrogance appreciated (so they say..) My own aphorism about bagels and death masks seems to have shut down the contest, however... (TR Hummer, O poet of tweets, are you there???)

Bobby Byrd
Motto: "It's a good time to be a poet, I think, although the pay is shitty." Author of White Panties and Dead Friends

Lapham's Quarterly
Some foie gras for this world o' Whoppers.

Postcards from San Antonio
By Gayle Brennan Spencer

More anon.