Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dining Out Despite Food Allergies: Paula Whyman in Today's Washington Post

"Check Please: When the Menu is a Minefield": My amiga "Curious Writer" Paula Whyman has a piece in today's Washington Post about dining out despite food allergies--- in which her P & J sandwich and Twizzles star. I don't have any food allergies myself (thank goodness) but several of my friends do, and so I know very well the rigamarole with the waiter... What I do not understand is why more restaurants don't make an effort to indicate those items on the menu that are safe for those with common food allergies-- so, boom, no more having to grill the waiter, a person can just order! OK, I'm off my soap box now.... Click here and read Paula Whyman's beautifully written, witty and informative piece, and check in again to the same at 12:30 EST today for her on-line Q & A.

P.S. Read Paula Whyman's guest-blog post for Madam Mayo on baking for writers.

More anon... later today I'll be posting the Wednesday guest-blog post...