Saturday, May 01, 2010

Blogs Noted: True / Slant, Blue Ocean, The Two Way, Karen's Perspective, Energy Doorways, Lists Galore, Epide-Mixe, Must Watch Everything

True/ Slant
by journalist John McQuaid
Be sure to read his article about the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Carl Safina (Blue Ocean)
Ocean activist.

The Two Way
NPR's News Blog.

Lists Galore
Like the title says...
I've been surprised to see the amount of traffic
that comes to my blog from this site.

Energy Doorways Blog

Karen's Perspective on Everything
Fascinating and "Cool Stuff," "real estate ready."

Must Watch Everything
by Maryland Writers Association member Glen Jordan Spangler
(who also has a very amusing website).

Transatlantic Photos (Washington, DC and Toulouse, France)
One of the co-bloggers is Ines Hilde, graphic designer who
worked on some of Tameme's beautiful covers.