Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blogs Noted: Thx Thnx Thnx, Gangs of San Miguel, J.D. Moyer, Jesus Chairez, Bricolage, 13 Bankers and More

Been saving these up for a while. Surf on!

Thnx Thnx Thx
A thank you note a day by Leigh Dietrich. Mind taffy. Serenity-inducing.

Gangs of San Miguel
Evil. In a wickedly amusing way. (Madam Mayo votes for the cobblestone ride.)

J.D. Moyer
Check out his blog post on the sleep experiment.

13 Bankers
By Simon Johnson, author of 13 Bankers.

Baseline Scenario
Also by the author of 13 Bankers

Basil and Spice
Eclectic. Surf around in there for a while.

3 Quarks Daily

Always interesting. Visual candy from a DC writer.

Josh Burker's Blog of MusingsHe's into vintage software, which really crosses my eyes. Some fascinating links in there.

Jesus Chairez
Chicano-Chilango (yes, they do exist) writer and blogger.

Nicholas Gilman
Dining out in Mexico City. All thumbs up! Seriously, I really appreciate this blog, and I own the book in both English and Spanish.

Mexico Cooks!
She sure does!

More anon.