Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Why Blog? Ergo Phizmiz, Seth Godin, and Alice's Tulip Analogy

Why blog? After four years of steady blogging, I still get this question almost every day. (OK, I exaggerate. But not much.) What amazes me is the number of people (and interestingly, how all of them are older than Yours Truly) who cannot see the point--- especially if the writer isn't raking in some pile of clams. But must money come into every equation? Madam Mayo thinks not.

Speaking of the gift econonomy, I recently found a fantastic website of open source music over at www.freemusicarchive.org--- and I've become a big fan of one of the contributing musician / composers, the wackily prolific Ergo Phizmiz. Click here for his freemusicarchive.org discography, which includes the "EarBallet- Don Quixote" and the punkily nasty "Neighbors" (the idea is, you blast it at those who deserve it). Some of his other tunes: "Lonely Flea in Antarctica" and "Like a Mantelpiece, the Sea.". And from his website, here's his video of a song for chickens and children, "Chicken Trees":

Seth Godin, whose book, Lynchpin, I'll be blogging about asap, has this recent post about "Santa Math" and, as ever, I refer y'all (as well as clam-oriented others) to Alice's Tulip Analogy.

But all that said, do buy my book! The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire is out in paperback, officially, tomorrow. More anon.