Thursday, June 17, 2010

Blogs Noted: Delia Lloyd at Politics Daily, Broken Teepee, Edible Geography, Free in DC, Thomas Cowan, Deborah Batterman, Chico Lingo, Mary J. Lohnes,

mirror mirror
New blog by poet Brian Clements.

The Constant Conversation
The blog of the Quarterly Conversation.

The Things She Thinks About
By writer Deborah Batterman. And Check out her interview for Marshal Zeringue's very fun blog Coffee with a Canine. and his other blog, Campaign for the American Reader.

Chico Lingo
By writer Sergio Troncoso. Check out his post on the new issue of Literal.

Delia Lloyd at Politics Daily

Numero Cinq
Translation contest ends June 30th!

Gherkins and Tomatoes
(but don't scroll down so far as to see the piece about eating cats...)

Edible Geography

Free in DC

Broken Teepee
Reviews my novel, The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire. Bless you, Broken Teepee.

Apifera Farm
I've noted it before, I note it again. Donkeys dancing with raggedy pie!

Mary J. Lohnes

Dr. Thomas Cowan
Raw milk manifesto.

Dr Amen's Brain Blog

More anon.