Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Guest-Blogging: 5 Favorite Guest-Blogs

No guest-blogger this Wednesday, but coming up soon, I'll be running three guest-blogs by three wonderful writers with new books: by poet and translator Alexandra van de Kamp, poet and writing teacher Karen Benke, and novelist Christina Baker Kline.

Apropos of the new May 5th paperback edition of my novel, The Last Prince of the Mexican Empire, I've had plenty to say about guest-blogging as a genre unto itself over at First Person Plural (the Writer's Center's blog), and then re-run in slightly different form at Christina Baker Kline's A Writing Life. Not mentioned in those guest-blogs: I've recently spotted Tracy Kidder guest-blogging for the DailyBeast and, Holy Moses, is everyone now blogging for Huffpost?

Herewith five of my favorite guest-blog posts for Madam Mayo:

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Joanna Smith Rakoff 5 Favorite Books of New York Stories

Marjorie Price 5 Inspiring Women Artists

Christine Boyka Kluge 5 Favorites for Hybrid Writing, Collaborations and Experimental Work

Sandra Gulland 5 Top Research Sites for Historical Novelists

Basil White Top 5 Laugh Links

More anon.