Thursday, February 10, 2011

Links Noted: Amusing, Curious & Mexico-Related

Amusing, Curious & Mexico-related:


World's Smallest Movie Theater, Sol Cinema
I want one of these for my backyard! Oh, wait, I don't have a backyard.

Via the excellent Real Delia, Eddie Izzard's "Death Star Canteen"
A tewwibly British bit of improv.

Also via Real Delia, Hyperbole and a Half

Bethesda World News
By my amiga, writer Paula Whyman (P.S. check out her bread head guestblog post for Madam Mayo here.)

Papa's Pugs blog

The Fun Theory (by Volkswagen)

I Am Baker's How to Make a Heart Cake

Cute Overload on Monkey Jell-o Wrestling


Swan Bones Theater

How to Find Real Food at the Supermarket

Using Hand-Held Clickers to Keep the Kiddies Attentive
(Strikes Madam Mayo as both very useful and more than a bit sad...)

Mexico- Related:

Radio Free San Miguel de Allende

Naomi Andrade Smith's Villa Victoria Blog

Perros Guia para Ciegos

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