Thursday, February 24, 2011

Links Noted: Art & Word Editions, Redacción sin Dolor, Francis Ford Coppola on Art + Money, Christine Boyka Kluge, Real Delia, Rose Rosetree, and more

Art & Words Editions
Founded by Kris Waldherr in New York. This is the future of publishing, people. Wow. Sign up for the mailing list and get your goddess PDF. (Thanks, Diane Saarinen, for the tip.)

Washington Independent Review of Books
Amidst the general catastrophe that has befallen newspaper book reviewing, I am delighted to see this. Founded by historian David O. Stewart in Washington DC.

Redacción sin Dolor
El blog de Sandro Cohen, Mexican writer and esteemed writing teacher.

The Bleat
Dancing Chiva Literary Arts, S.C.: Limited editions, e-books, writing workshops, and more. P.S. Sign up for my Techniques of Fiction workshop May 28 with Dancing Chiva in Mexico City.

Francis Ford Coppola on Art & Money

Christine Boyka Kluge
Poet with a camera and eyes beyond Rimbaud.

Real Delia
The "Finding Yourself in Adulthood" blog of the Politics Daily columnist has a bright new look.

Better Book Titles
(Thanks, Mary Kay Zuravleff, for the tip.)

Rose Rosetree
Aura Reading of Lady Gaga, face reading of Hosni Mubarak, Q & A with Mr Enlightenment, and why smoking mota opens your aura to nasty whozits (really). Fiction writers: can you read your character's auras and faces?

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