Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blogs Noted: Gene Logdson, Full Cry, Cute Overload, Global Swarming Honey Bees, Delia Lloyd, Mexico Cooks!

Gene Logsdon, "Archeology Not Agriculture Teaches Good Agriculture"
By the author of the greatest read of 2011, Holy Sh*t. I am not kidding.

Full Cry: The Hounds of Beagle House
Delightfully writerly descriptions of a bunch of, yeah, hounds. Not for those who want to save the foxes.

Cute Overload Ceiling Cat
A brief, wierd video. Good if your Prozac dose is a little low today. (Why take Prozac at all when you can check in with Cute Overload?)

Global Swarming Honeybees on Urban Beekeeping in Hong Kong
Links to a beautiful and strange video.

Delia "Real Delia" Lloyd on one uber funky vacation

Mexico Cooks! Reviews my favorite Mexican restaurant in Mexico City, El Bajío.

I just bought this b-b-b-bodacious sound clip for the new Dancing Chiva video-- which will be on-line next week.

Thanks, amiga M., for sending this link to the TED video about e-Patient Dave.

More anon.