Monday, September 17, 2012

Links: DosankoDebbie, Joanne Leedom-Ackerman, Seth Godin, Carla Marina Marchese

DosankoDebbie's Etegami Notebook In the beloved Japanese tradition, Debbie's etegami are both gorgeous and charming. Seriously, click on that link and feast!

Joanne Leedom-Ackerman on North Korean Writers in a Land of the Rising Sun

Seth Godin on Choosing Your Own Category (Before They Choose for You)
P.S. This is why I maintain a website with an author bio. (Ayy, people come up with the nuttiest ideas. Now there's another novel...)

Watch this brief and well-done video about backyard beekeeper and honey sommelier Carla Marina Marchese.

P.S. Now that we're all educated about artisanal honey, the next step is providing quality transparency in beeswax. A lot of the beeswax out there is recycled (hives are often stocked with starter frames) and plumb packed with fungicides and such. None of it is labeled.