Saturday, September 01, 2012

Source of Inspiration: A Film by Linda Blomqvist

From the website:

SOURCE OF INSPIRATION is a 14-minute documentary portrait about Roland Pantze, a Sami artist living alone in the untouched wilderness of Lapland in northern Sweden. Remote living allows him the undisturbed space for his philosophies on life and a continuous source of inspiration for his art. Roland represents a generation that in its time has transitioned from the ancient to the modern world; lavvus (Sami alternatives to tipis) have become houses, skis have become snowmobiles, and oral tradition the Internet. In this new world he has found his own oasis, and through him we explore the possibility to live a life in another pace and rhythm, in which convenience has been replaced with an unbroken connection with nature. 

Watch it here.

(This reminded me so much of far West Texas's Big Bend.)