Monday, July 01, 2013

Cyberflanerie: Beltway's Resurrection Issue, Travel, Farmstand, USSR in the 60s, Eight Martinis, Steven Hart Has a Twitter

A fascinating and beautiful read: Poet Kim Robert's has just announced Beltway's Resurrection issue, which brings several long-lost Washington DC poets back into print.

It's a weirdly ever-morphing publishing world out there: My amiga the intrepid, far-ranging and widely published travel writer L. Peat O'Neil offers 5 sites for travel writers to publish

For those who avoid Wal-Mart at all costs: Where's the farmstand? Get the app.

Very gray, very cold, very scary... Naomi F. Collins interviewed about life as student in 1960s USSR

More po news: Wilson Wyatt, photographer and editor celebrates Richard Blanco

For Ingo Swann fans: Daz Smith's Eight Martinis remote viewing magazine May 2013 is out.

One of my favorite bloggers: Steven Hart has entered the labyrinth of the Twitterverse and seeks followers

Another literary labor of love: Ezra: an online journal of translation has just posted its new issue

Jawdropping: Pigs, Gourds & Wikis blog has info on the video capabilities of Kindle (EPUB3)