Monday, July 29, 2013

Cyberflanerie: Timothy McSweeney, Seth Godin, Paul Nicklen, You Are Not So Smart, Skillshare, Moon Calendar, Fox Sisters

Light blogging here because I am still (OMG) working out the revisions on my introduction to Francisco I. Madero's book of 1911... I've got some 150 pages so far...and and a result, have fallen woefully behind on the Marfa Mondays podcasts... but I will be catching up soon. The revisions are almost finished. Stay tuned for a batch of Marfa Mondays podcasts in August and September...

Pictured right: The Fox sisters, who star in the opening of my revised intro. Yes, they did have something to do with the Mexican Revolution. If indirectly.

The Fox Sisters

Free online moon calendar (recommended for historians and historical novelists)

Timothy McSweeney's update on tweetspeak & etc

Seth Godin on the Art of Noticing, and Then Creating

Paul Nicklen: Tales of Ice-Bound Wonderlands (TED video)

You are not so smart: Survivorship Bias
(OK, so no need to ask J.K. Rowling how she did it?)

Oyyy, will I ever teach again in person? Skillshare
(Re robots and bots)