Monday, July 15, 2013

Cyberflanerie: Bug-A-Salt, Dave Meslin, Margaret Dulaney, Digital Tattoos, Tyler Cowan, Gene Logsdon

Salt is the new bullets! For your Texas BBQ, the Bug-A-Salt.

Remove that cement block to get up off the couch: Dave Meslin's TED Talk: "The Antidote to Apathy"

Inspired sandwich accompaniment: Margaret Dulaney's "Listen Well" podcast, "The Lean of the Dog"

Juan Enriquez's TED Talk on how to think about "digital tattoos"
(I was horrified when I logged in one day to facebook from an "unrecognized device" and facebook made me answer a multiple choice test to identify-- from faces circled in photos on their fb pages-- several of my personal friends. There was M on vacation with her children, B reading in a bookstore.... eeeeeeeeew.)

Yummy brainy surfing: Tyler Cowan's Marginal Revolution blog, like a bin to root around in, lots of good stuff in there.

Guess the Beijing poobahs don't have fond memories of the 60s: "The Contrary Farmer" Gene Logsdon's take on the latest Chinese mass boondoggle