Monday, August 26, 2013

Cyberflanerie: Creative, Crappy, and Consternating Public Policy Edition

Burning Man's UAV aka Drone Policy
Uyy, this is so 2013.

Is the Fourth Amendment Now Illegal? Alex Tabarrok both wisely and alarmingly asks.
(For those of your rusty on your Fourth Amendment, read ye up.)

It's 1984 in New York City. I am genuinely surprised there has not been more outcry about Mayor Bloomburg's aggressive misuse of the police force against citizens. More than kind of reminds me of what historian Stanley Ross said of Porfirian Mexico, that the so-called "necessary man" made Mexico "safe for the right people."

The comments are the best part of this NYT article about one Spanish mayor's solution to the dog poop problem. Very 1984-ish, too, but hilarious and effective!
P.S. Nothing beats Mutt Mitts. Come on, grocery bags are disgusting.

The Contrary Farmer on organic GMOs (Spinach good, fish genes bad?) Rather eye-crossing.

Can these children please grow up and sue somebody (preferably not their parents)?

Seth Godin on No Decisions, No Responsability

To end today's thoroughly downer of a post, here is a positive thoughtoid. If you don't like the looks of your house, you will feel ever so much better after looking at these.

More anon.