Saturday, December 14, 2013

Exploring the Burned-Over District Blog

Few people, and extremely few Mexicans have heard of the so-called Burned-Over District-- yet a vital root of the Mexican Revolution of 1910 lies in this very place. I go on at length about this in my new book, Metaphysical Odyssey Into the Mexican Revolution. Apropos of that, a most extraordinary blog I surfed onto the other day: Exploring the Burned-Over District, in which "Chris and Luke visit all the sacred sites that will let them in." On the "about" section they state:
In the Fall of 2011, we made a plan to visit as many spiritually significant sites in the Rochester, NY area as possible. The goal really was to explore all of the different spiritual and religious cultures, and learn more about their history in this particular geographical area. Then we realized, it would be incredibly short-sighted to only stick to Rochester. Western and Central NY was once referred to as the “Burned Over District” because so many religious movements were born, and many died, in the area. This blog takes you along our travels to visit and explore as many places as we possibly can. 
*Public Service Announcement: Neither one of us endorse any particular religious belief system over another, we treat each of them with equal amounts of skepticism and open-mindedness. Neither one of us claim to be a member of any one sect, denomination or organization–other than simply being humans.

Exploring the Burned-Over District
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By the way, they'll sell you a T-Shirt with their logo-- a backpacker engulfed in flames. Check out their Exploring the Burned-Over District shop on CafePress.

A few highlights from their blog:

Hydesville Memorial Park
Site of the Fox cottage, birthplace of Spiritualism
Lily Dale
Includes pix of Fairy Village
Plymouth Spiritualist Church
(check out the orb under the chair!)
Hill Cumorah
Includes a picture of the bedroom where the Angel Moroni reportedly appeared. (No orbs at this time, alas.)
First Church of Christ, Scientist-- Rochester
Guys, great concept for a blog. Happy travels!

***UPDATE: I just surfed upon a very informative blog post about the Burned-Over District by Universalist Phil Ebersole.