Monday, January 20, 2014

Cyberflanerie: Cryptocurrency Edition

Back in the Pleistocene I used to work as an economist, so in my armchair capacity I still take an interest in certain topics. A conversation about Bitcoin with a fellow economist got me thinking... is there anything new under the sun? (Must youth be ever-callow?) Naiveté abounds, yea, even amongst the grey-suited poobahs of the European Monetary Union (daft from the get-go, monetary union without the girding of fiscal policy union; the consequences took a while to manifest, but indeed they have).

Herewith a batch of links on Bitcoin, mostly from the excellent Marginal Revolution blog:
The Economics of Bitcoin
How and Why Bitcoin Will Plummet in Price
China and the Soaring Price of Bitcoin
On the Future of Dogecoin, Bitcoin, and Other Cryptocurrencies
China Moves Against Bitcoin
The Marginal Cost of Cryptocurrency
Bitcoin-like Innovations without Cryptocurrency
Recommended reading:
Ponzi's Scheme
And this might seem far-afield, but not really: The Art Crowd