Thursday, January 16, 2014

Paper vs Digital: The Three Stages (So Far) of Awareness

Digital vs Paper?
1. Not aware, not interested, love my paper.

Profile: would not use a Kindle if you paid them. Hates that grandchildren and pedestrians are constantly distracted by their hand-held devices. Uses one easy to remember password for everything, on a scrap of paper tucked under the keyboard. Off-line for days, even weeks at a time; otherwise, constantly telephoning grandchild for help with computer.

2. Wow, digital is way cool and totally better!

Profile: hasn't picked up a paper book or magazine in 3 years. With FB, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, expert at the zombie-thumb-twiddling-sidewalk-shuffle. 1984, huh? Oh, that, tl;dr. Stores all passwords on downloadable encryption sw.

3. Not so fast, grasshopper.

The French offer a little humor on the subject.

More anon.