Monday, January 05, 2015

10 Great Reads on Far West Texas (and Yonder) from Texas Monthly

The Texas Monthly magazine archives are open. Herewith links to 10 articles, most but not all on Far West Texas, which quite surprised me-- and perhaps will raise one or both (or all three?) of your eyebrows as well.

by John Phillip Santos, November 2014

The year a flock of turkeys came to Marfa
by Sterry Butcher, November 2014

The Earth is There to Catch Us When We Fall
What I have learned from horses
by Sterry Butcher, January 2014

Includes the saga of a hiker trapped in the Big Bend
by Matt Bonderant, October 2014

Why are dozens of Sikh refugees being detained in an El Paso 
immigration facility, months after they could have been paroled?
By Sonia Smith, August 2014

Star of "Texas Chainsaw Massacre," that is.
by Stephen Harrigan, July 2014

One Hundred Boxes
Living with Donald Judd's Austere Sculptures for a Month
by Jim Lewis, October 2007

Former state demographer Steve H. Murdock troves his data to illustrate the average Texan in two very different years-- 1950 and 2050.
by Jeff Salamon, February 2014

Thoughts on the gradual march of civility and urban sprawl across the lost frontier
by Larry McMurtry, February 2013

On El Paso
by Dagoberto Gil, February 2013

P.S. Texas Observer archives, both web and print, are available here.

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