Saturday, February 07, 2015

A Batch of US-Mexico Border Mini Travel Clips

Just posted a batch of what I call "mini travel clips," that is, super brief videos, nothing fancy (taken with my iPhone), but edited and with audio—in these, by that jaw-droppingly prolific clangy-bangy soundmaestro of Bridport, U.K., Ergo Phizmiz.


Casa Piedra Road, Far West Texas 

(with a view of a fire in Mexico)

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Over Burro Mesa and Into Apache Canyon 

(Big Bend National Park)

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Pecos River Crossing (Highway 90, near the US-Mexico border)

West of the Pecos is Far West Texas. The end of the video is a gaze south into Mexico.

And I did some slight edits on a video I had posted a few weeks ago, Descent into Eagle Canyon (:53), near Langrty, Texas Eagle Canyon flows into the Rio Grande on the US-Mexico border.

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Finally, almost the border (well, a two hour drive) is Joshua Tree National Park in California (2:24). Herewith my mini travel clip of that:

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