Saturday, March 14, 2015

A Shoutout for the Authors Guild

I'm always encouraging fellow writers to join the Authors Guild for the legal services and the invaluable Model Trade Book Contract and Commentary (we're talking super crunchy boilerplate, much more than is available on the webpage, and whether you work with an agent or not, yes, you can keep your wits about you when they start talking about subrights clauses that sound like Masonic incantation). But it does cost more than the price of a hamburger dinner for seven to join, and I was just thinking, gosh, they really should offer a member directory with a little more oomph, when lo, that very invitation to fill out my new page arrived in the inbox! 

It was easy to do and it is elegantly designed. If you join, your page would look this this:

Author's Guild Member Page for Yours Truly

My one criticism of the Author's Guild is that it's oriented toward those with traditional publishers, yet these days, increasing numbers of even the most impressively published writers are becoming "hybrid," that is, going to ye olde publishers for some works, and self-publishing others as Kindles, PODs, and more. No doubt, I am one of many authors, whether current or prospective members of the Authors Guild, who would warmly welcome more information and support for the latter.

That said-- so I hear from other members-- the Authors Guild author webpage services (check out Neal Gillen's and Sara Mansfield Taber's) and program (see Sophy Burnham's The Art Crowd, for example) are very good.

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