Friday, March 13, 2015

Cyberflanerie: Solitario Dome Edition

Inside The Solitario
Photo: C.M. Mayo
March 2015
For my Far West Texas book-in-progress and the Marfa Mondays Podcasting project, I am working on an interview with Texas historian Lonn Taylor, plus a short piece about the Solitario Dome of Big Bend Ranch State Park in Far West Texas, which is to say, US-Mexico border country. 

Meanwhile, a few links about the latter:
Chase Snodgrass's flight over the Solitario:

Flora and Vegetation of the Solitario Dome
by Jean Evans Hardy, Iron Mountain Press, 2009
(Whoa, call the chiropracter, I brought this one home in my carry-on.)

Geology of the Solitario
by Charles E. Corry, et al. Geological Society of America Special Paper 250, 1990.

"Igneous Evolution of a Complex Laccolith-Caldera, the Solitario, Trans-Pecos, Texas:
Implications for Calderas and Subjacent Plutons" 
by Christopher D. Henry, et al. Geological Society of America Bulletin, August 1997
(Super-crunchy PDF)

Google Maps screenshot
"The Solitario: Sentinel of the Big Bend Ranch State Park"
Megan Hicks, The Big Bend Paisano, Winter 2004/2005

"Geology at the Crossroads"
By Blaine R. Hall, Big Bend Ranch State Park

"Solitario: A Separate Place" and "Fresno Creek:" Desert Cloister" Texas Monthly, April 1977

Entering the labyrinth of the Solitario via Los Portales
(That's my guide, Charlie Angell, he's the best,
check him out on
Photo: C.M. Mayo, March 2015

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