Monday, March 30, 2015

The StandStand: One Highly Recommended Way to Keep on Writing While Standing

StandStand, just arrived
An eon ago, in a writing workshop, the then famous teacher whispered to this then whippersnapper the secret of writing books: Sitzfleisch. In other words, the ability to endure sitting in the chair for long periods of time. Well, some decades on, I may not have won the Nobel Prize (yet) but I am indeed talented at enduring daily marathons of sitting. This may be good for my writing (and all the podcasts), but dangerous for my health. My writing assistants haul me out for regular walks, and there's a bit o' yoga going on, but that is not enough. 


Back of the box
A standing desk to the rescue. After some lickety-split googling on the subject, I settled on the StandStand. Finally, I have mine home in Mexico City and assembled. It's a superb product. It's made of bamboo and easy to assemble-- so it's light-weight, appealing to the touch, doesn't allow my laptop to overheat, and it's portable. Oh, and it was inexpensive, especially in comparison with some of the mechanically operated standing desks. 

Looks like I may have Standfleisch, too. (Is that a word?) Onward!

Up and at 'em with the StandStand

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