Thursday, April 23, 2015

The second issue of Origins, edited by Dini Karasik, Featuring Mexican Writer Rose Mary Salum


I am so delighted and honored to announce that my translation of the opening chapter of Mexican writer Rose Mary Salum's novel, El agua que mece el silencio, "The Water That Stirs the Silence," is in the second issue of Origins, a new literary magazine edited by Dini Karasik (hat tip to Francisco Aragón for suggesting I submit something). 

I've written on this blog before about Rose Mary Salum's Literal Magazine; her visionary anthology Delta de las arenas, a collection of Arab and Jewish Latin American writing; and I've posted a podcast interview with her for my Conversations with Other Writers series. If you come to the conclusion that I am a big admirer of her work as both a writer and an editor, you'd be exactly right.

Having founded an edited a literary magazine myself-- Tameme (circa 1999-2007)-- I know what courage, what eye-crossing hard work, time, not a little cash, help from many friends, and avalanching Himalayas of email it takes it bring one out. As a writer and translator, I celebrate any new literary magazine, and especially one so well designed and edited. As a reader, I say, "cheers!" for I relish the chance to encounter new voices, most especially those edgy ones not necessarily for the smooth and easy slots of mainstream commercial media.

Writes editor Dini Karasik, on Origin's website's introduction, 

"We are interested in distinct voices. Writing that tells us something about a character's roots or what makes her unique. Stories that transport us across town and country, beyond and within borders both physical and abstract, to discreet moments that change or define us. We want to read provocative poems and have gripping conversations with writers about everything from craft to creativity.  
Literature offers us the opportunity to endlessly interpret who we are as human beings. This journal is a celebration and investigation of our diverse origins and the art that inevitably springs forth."
Check out the website at Origins sells downloads for a modest price, $2.99, via, and I am informed that a print-on-demand edition of this issue of Origins will be available shortly. Writers and translators, you will also find on the website a call for submissions.

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(podcast and transcript)

(from Mexico: A Traveler's Literary Companion)