Monday, April 20, 2015

A 9th Conclusion After 9 Years of Blogging

Last year, for the Associated Writing Programs Conference in Seattle, I gave a talk titled "Writers Blogs: Eight Conclusions After 8 Years of Blogging." I leave those conclusions unchanged, but now for the 9th anniversary of "Madam Mayo," I add a ninth:

9. Q & A's are fun to do, always surprising, and very informative, both for me and my readers.
Ergo, look for more of these. 

Herewith a few Q & A's from the recent and not-so-recent past:
Q & A with Michele Orwin, Founding Editor of Bacon Press Books 
Q & A with "Heron & Crane" Podcaster Chris Gondek
One Q and 1 A with "Listen Well" Podcaster Margaret Dulaney
Q & A with Tod Goldberg of Literary Disco Podcast
Q & A with Rice Freeman-Zachery on Creative Podcasting 
Five Quick Questions for Mexican Writer Agustin Cadena 

(P.S. I've done scads more interviews  lengthy ones  for my podcast series Conversations with Other Writers and Marfa Mondays and, of course, I also mention these on this blog. Stay tuned for the Marfa Mondays interview with Texas historian Lonn Taylor.)

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