Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Cyberflanerie: But-I'm-Still-Recovering-from-the-Whole-Pluto-Thing Edition

Food historian Rachel Laudan says bunk to "Cornish" pasties.

Statisticians say Europe did not go through a "Little Ice Age" (yes, the Thames froze and Britain stopped producing wine and the Greenland colony failed, but myriad are the alternative explanations...)

British archaeologist Frances Pryor says all sorts of dizzifying things about the pre-Roman Britain that once was not an isle, in Home: A Time Traveller's Tales from Britain's Prehistory. I am still absorbing the whole Doggerland thing. Brochs! And the elegance of those Bronze-Age hair and beard-cutting scissors in their wooden case... 

At first glance this sounds real-- anyway, the winner of the Archdruid's "Great Squirrel Chase" contest is hilarious: King Solomon's Miners.

Stay tuned: this week I'm working on the edits to a fascinating interview with Texas historian Lonn Taylor, recorded last month in Fort Davis. Listen in anytime to the 16 other Marfa Mondays podcasts. Bit by bit, I'm also posting the transcripts. The latest is "Tremendous Forms: Paul V. Chaplo on Finding Composition in the Landscape."

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