Monday, August 10, 2015

Cyberflanerie: Marginal Revolution, Lefsetz Letter, Rachel Laudan, The Contrary Farmer, DC Bike Blogger, Of Two Minds, Femme et Fleur, Good Food in Mexico City, Bookman's Blog

A few of my current blog faves:

The Lefsetz Letter

Bob Lefsetz's illuminating ruminations on the music biz (and misc.)
Sample posts: La Super-Rica and Taylor Swift in Vanity Fair

Marginal Revolution
Extra curious and crunchy economics, food, travel, whatnot by economists Tyler Cowan and Alex Tabarrok
Sample post: Phishing for Phools

The Contrary Farmer
Gene Logsdon on farming
Sample posts: To Survive in Farming, Try Taoism and Deep Trouble Down in the Ground

Rachael Laudan
Food history by my favorite food historian
Sample post: My Great-Grandmother's Industrially Processed Food

DC Bike Blogger
Bike adventures in the Nation's Capital
Sample post: Three Eggs in Space

Of Two Minds

Charles Hugh Smith's observations and advice on the loomin' doom
Sample posts: Don't Let the Dessert Cart on the Titantic Pass You By and Stop Financializing the Human Experience

Femme et Fleur
Milliner Carol Merkel's joyous commentary on fashion, art, and travel
Sample post: Paul

Good Food in Mexico City
Nicholas Gilman, author of a yummy book with the same title
Sample post: Mushroom season in Mexico

Bookman's Log
By author and rare book dealer Greg Gibson
Sample Post: My Bold Plan and Its Daring Execution