Monday, September 07, 2015

Pitmaster Israel Campos at Pody's BBQ in Pecos (Marfa Mondays Podcast #19)

For the Marfa Mondays Podcasting Project: Exploring Marfa, Texas & Environs in Far West Texas, I have just posted #19, an interview with Israel Campos, the award-winning pitmaster and owner of Pody's BBQ in Pecos.

 Yes, Pecos is an hour and forty minutes' drive from Marfa. Never mind, go there, grab a plate of brisket at Pody's BBQ, and you will ring the bell!

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(Wondering where to eat in Marfa? I can recommend breakfast at Squeeze Marfa, lunch at The Food Shark, and --if you still have both the room and the clams-- dinner at Cochineal. If there is a good BBQ in Marfa that I have overlooked, I ask your indulgence; I am writing a literary travel memoir, not a guide book. That said, please send me your recommendations, because, like Arnold, I'll be back.)

About the Marfa Mondays Podcasting Project

You can find all the Marfa Mondays Podcasts on my webpage here. They are all free; listen in anytime. There are now 19; there will be more until there are 24. These podcasts are apropos of my book in-progress about Far West Texas, that is, the blazingly gorgeous and utterly fascinating Trans-Pecos

Check out the maps of this surprisingly little-known region here. (P.S. there are two typos on the maps... if you can find more and let me know, I shall be eternally grateful.)

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