Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Mexican Fiction in Translation: Agustín Cadena and Rose Mary Salum in ArLiJo

I am very honored and delighted to announce that the new issue #91 of Robert Giron's ArLiJo features two of my translations of Mexican short fiction: Agustín Cadena's "The Coco" and Rose Mary Salum's "Someone is Calling Me." 

More about Agustín Cadena:

> His blog, El vino y la hiel

More about Rose Mary Salum:

Rose Mary Salum's blog, Entre los espacios

Rose Mary Salum, Founding editor of Literal

A Conversation with Rose Mary Salum (super crunchy)

A Note on the second issue of Origins, edited by Dini Karasik, featuring Mexican writer Rose Mary Salum

A tip of the sombrero to you, my fellow El Pasoan, dear Robert Giron!
Thank you for your long-time support for literary translation!

[[ ¡Viva ArLiJo issue #91! ]]

A Note on Literary Projects & Literary Translation by Yours Truly
Alas, given that there are not 50 hours in the day and 700 days in the year I am not anywhere near ever becoming a full-time literary translator. My main literary projects at the moment are my own book on Far West Texas, and the related podcast series, "Marfa Mondays," but, as I have for many years now, I make it a regular practice to translate Mexican contemporary short fiction and poetry. (My most recent book is about and includes a book I translated-- an exception to my usual translation work on many levels, including the fact that the author was murdered in 1913. That book is Metaphysical Odyssey into the Mexican Revolution: Francisco I. Madero and His Secret Book, Spiritist Manual.)

As a resident of Mexico City, and a writer and poet myself, I treasure the opportunity to translate my Mexican contemporaries and bring them to English language readers. And I have plenty to say about all that: See "Translating Across the Border," my talk for the 2015 American Literary Translators Association Conference panel on "Translating the Other Side."

At present, I am working on The Water that Rocks the Silence, a collection of linked short stories,  El agua que mece el silencio,  by Rose Mary Salum (three more to go for a complete first draft); a short story by Araceli Ardón (advanced draft); a second short story by Ignacio Solares (rough draft); and poem by Alberto Blanco (draft). Fingers crossed, later this year, I may have some news about a collection of stories by Agustín Cadena. 

Would that the day had more hours!

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> My amiga the poet and writer Pat Dubrava and I both translate Mónica Lavín and Agustín Cadena. Read her post about her visit to Mexico City in her blog, Holding the Light.

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