Saturday, August 25, 2007

Guest- Blogger Basil White's Top 5 Laugh-Links

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DC-based comedy writer Basil White teaches "Applying Stand-Up Comedy Writing Secrets to Poetry and Fiction," an intensive one-weekend workshop at the Writers Center (sign up here). And check out the free handout package on his website here. So, here are Basil White's top 5:
#1. Wiki's Most Revisions
What people are arguing about. Pure satire fuel.
#2. Gaping Void
How to be creative, by Hugh MacLeod. Ignore everybody. Put the hours in. Keep your day job. He's right. Accept it.
Highlights all uses of the verb "to be" so that you can destroy them.
#4.Wiki's E-Prime
Why you should destroy all uses of the verb "to be" highlighted using the link above.
#5.Basil White's Comedy Workshop
Brain dump of everything I can explain about how the brain gets jokes.
--- Basil White

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