Friday, August 31, 2007

Oro Gris (Grey Gold) by Rossana Fuentes Berain

What a treat: last night, journalist and ITAM professor Rossana Fuentes Berain's book launch--- for Oro Gris, the biography of billionaire Lorenzo Zambrano, CEO of Mexico's Cemex, the world's #1 producer of cement. The presentation was in the Fondo de Cultura Economica's gorgeous new bookstore in Mexico City's La Condessa neighborhood, and the place--- not just the auditorium, I mean the whole place--- was packed. (Don't let anyone say Mexicans don't read!) It was a half hour in line to get my book paid for at the register and then autographed. Interestingly, Mexican book presentations are typically much more formal than those in the U.S. (Usually, in the U.S., someone introduces the author, the author reads and talks, then Q & A--- and that's whole show). In addition to Rossana Fuentes Berrain, on the dias were a moderator and three commentators, heavy hitters from the Mexican journalism world, including Alberto Bello and Alberto Aguilar. Here's an article (in Spanish) in El Universal about the event and the book. This is a book that should be available in English--- yesterday. More anon.