Wednesday, August 29, 2007

University of Maryland area: Dr Pedersoli

I just received this e-mail message and photograph of Dr Pedersoli. If you live anywhere around the University of Maryland area, please read this. It is urgent.

Dr. Waldir M. Pedersoli, of 9408 Presley Place in Lanham, has been missing since about 5:00 p.m. Friday August 24. Prince Georges County Police are handling the case and, along with the volunteers of Mid-Atlantic Search and Rescue, have done an exceptional job of looking for his whereabouts. His
wife Heleni works at the University of Maryland McKeldin Library, please help her finding her husband.

Dr. Pedersoli is a retired researcher with the USDA/DVMR/FDA in Beltsville and was a Professor of Veterinary Medicine at Auburn University in Alabama. Several years ago he began developing Alzheimer's and it has steadily progressed.

On Friday afternoon he wandered out of his home and was tracked by bloodhounds to the intersection of Good Luck Rd and 94th Ave in Lanham where the trail went cold. Search has been done with helicopter and with the volunteers of Mid-Atlantic Search and Rescue, but no trace has shown up in the Lanham-Seabrook neighborhood. He is in very poor health and is without his medications; he will seem dazed and confused and has also reverted to his native tongue of Portuguese. At the time he was wearing gray pants and either a light green long sleeved shirt or a white t-shirt, and black plastic slip-ons. He was also wearing a navy blue cap and glasses.

Dr. Pedersoli may have been picked up by a motorist along Good Luck Rd or possibly assisted onto a Metro bus although he had no cash, credit cards, or ATM card. His only identification is a medical alert bracelet from the Alzheimer's Association Safe Return which has a toll free phone number - 1-800-572-1122.

Please call the following phone numbers with any information about Dr. Pedersoli : John Pedersoli at (301)982-4544 or cell: (240)603-8887. Heleni Pedersoli at 301-577-7852 or cell 301-806-6119. The PG County police 301-390-2100 or Greenbelt police 301-474-7200.