Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tell Your True Tale to Sam Quinones

There are so few truly good books about Mexico in English. By good, I mean not only beautifully written and deeply researched, but both compassionate and wise--- not the typical here-I-am-on-vacation, or oh-how-my-heart-is-bleeding stuff. (Even in a book as superb as Steinbeck's Log from the Sea of Cortez, Mexico is less the subject than a metaphor for other musings.) So I admire Sam Quinones's two collections of essays on Mexico more than I can say. When it came out a few years ago, I gave the first one, True Tales From Another Mexico, a rave review in the Wilson Quarterly. The new one, Antonio's Gun and Delfino's Dream, I didn't have time to review, alas, (I was finishing my novel), but I thought it was just as superb as his first collection--- perhaps even moreso. Really, if you're at all interested in Mexico, and Mexico's relationship with the U.S., Sam Quinones' two thought-provoking, consternating, informative, and highly entertaining books are essential reading. What promps me to sing his praises once more is the news that he has added a special feature to his website where you, too, can tell your true tale. Don't be shy! Or, as they say in Mexico, no seas ranchero. (That ranchero on the cover, by way, is Chalino.) More anon.