Saturday, November 17, 2007

Madam Mayo's Top 5 Favorite YouTube Videos

It's a new annual tradition. Herewith, as of November 17th, the top 5:

#1.) Bread and Puppet's Blackbirds
Don't you just wanna live in Vermont in a yurt?

#2.) Valerie Plame Testifies Before the U.S. Senate
Watch for the handsome transgender Code Pinkster.

#3.) The Skiing Ostrich
In Japan!!

#4.) Balloon Bowl
(Who needs peyote?)

# 5.) Tied:
"MC Rove"
Watch that scrolling text...
"I'm a Pug! Woop--- Morphing Pugs"
But, of course, the pugs are way cuter than Karl Rove.

--->OK, enough procrastinating!