Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Poet in New York: The Book; The Blog

Just back from the fabulous annual conference of the American Literary Translator's Association in Dallas, Texas. One of the many highlights was Mark Statman's talk about his and Pablo Medina's forthcoming translations of Federico Garcia Lorca's poems, the bilingual Poet in New York, which will be published by Grove/Atlantic this December--- in time for AWP in--- where else?--- New York in January 2008. No less than John Ashberry says: "Pablo Medina and Mark Statman have produced the definitive version of Lorca's masterpiece, in language that is alive and molten today as was the original in 1930." This is one I am very much looking forward to reading. Meantime, be sure to check out Mark Statman's blog, Poet in New York. More anon.