Thursday, November 01, 2007

Madam Mayo's Guidelines for Guest-Bloggers

Thanks for checking in, but I am not hosting guest blog posts at this time.

I'm delighted to consider guest-blog posts. Please note I am not interested in original essays. With search engines in mind, I use a specific 5-link format and request a maximim of 400 words, and in fact, I prefer 300 words or less.

Here's what works for Madam Mayo:

---> You have a new book, CD, workshop, reading, concert, movie, etc that in some way relates to the subjects this blog covers (books, creative writing, literary translation, Mexico, Washington DC, the world, human potential, soundwork, and pugs);

---> Provide your website adress, and a brief (100 words max) description of what your new book (or etc) is about (this is what I would use to introduce you);

---> Provide Five links that are in some way relevant to your new book (or etc.)
For example, if your new book is about widgets, say, 5 favorite novels about widgets (with links to read more about each);

---> Why you recommend them (just a line will do)

---> Brief is best (blog readers aren't big on having to scroll down);

---> Before sending, please have a look at these examples:

Novelist Nani Power: 5 Interesting Facts About Monarch Butterflies

Novelist Sandra Gulland's Top 5 Research Sites for Historical Novelists

Poet Debora Ager: 5 Fantastic Freebies for Writers

Travel Writer Isabella Tree's 5 Favorite Books About Mexico

Sociologist Clara Rodriguez on 5 Latino Stars of Early Hollywood

Click here to view the complete archive of guest-blog posts.

--->When you do send, please do ****NOT**** I repeat: *NOT* send your blog post as an attachment. Just send what you have to say in an e-mail and be sure--- this is CRUCIAL---to send the links within brackets, so my assistant can paste them into the blogger program.

Thanks and felicitous blogging.